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This superb 7-piece band is the UK’s first & best tribute to rock supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, featuring a line-up of top vocalists and musicians who perfectly recreate the unique sound & style of the amazing band created in 1988 by George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.

Dave Collison as Roy Orbison
Dave Collison as Roy Orbison

Band members include Michael Goulding as George Harrison while Dave Collison perfectly captures Roy Orbison‘s incredible vocal range and look. Andy McNish plays both Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, while Marko Laver plays Jeff Lynne. Lead guitarist Dzal Martin is one of London’s most respected players, who has played with such names as Terry Reid, The Equals & NoDice; while drummer and band founder Dave Stark previously played with Gary Gibson in the John Lennon Experience, as well as guesting with The Quarrymen (Lennon’s original skiffle band), along with bassist Marko Laver in 2013.

As well as such Wilburys hits as “Handle With Care”, “End Of The Line” and “She’s My Baby”, the band’s large and varied repertoire also includes classics by George Harrison/Beatles, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and ELO, which all makes for an unforgettable tribute show of the highest musical calibre.

Since forming in 2010, the band has played at many prestigious events including the Heritage Foundation’s celebrity lunch following the Blue Plaque unveiling to John Lennon & George Harrison at the old Apple building on Baker Street. We also play regularly at the Half Moon Putney, the Boom Boom Club (Sutton), Claret’s Bar at Chelmsford F.C., Butlin’s (Skegness) and many other venues. 

A selection from our wide repertoire:

Handle With Care • End Of The Line • She’s My Baby • Here Comes The Sun • Something • Crying • I Won’t Back Down • It’s Over • Only The Lonely • In Dreams • Not Alone Any More • Dirty World • Tweeter & the Monkey Man • Taxman • You Got It • Running Scared • If Not For You • If I Needed Someone • Claudette • I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight • Oh, Pretty Woman • Hold On Tight • My Back Pages • Roll Over Beethoven

The perfect band for parties & functions, corporate & all gigs.
Contact: David Stark, e-mail: david@songlink.com
Tel: 020 7794 2540, Mobile: 07956 270592

16 thoughts on “About the Band

  1. Hello! I wanted to ask you why you would include solo songs by Harrison, Dylan, Orbison and Petty but not any ELO song. The idea of your band is great, but Jeff Lynne is my favourite all-time artist and I wouldn’t want to see a TW tribute band that doesn’t hold him in the same esteem as the others.

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Helmut. Thank you for your comment. We are continuously expanding our repertoire to include as many of the individual artists songs as possible and we will have some Jeff Lynne/ELO hits in as soon as we can. He was, after all, one of the most pivotal members of the Traveling Wilburys. I hope you have enough patience to wait for us to get it right!

      • Of course. You know, I believe Jeff Lynne often goes quite overlooked these days and I thought probably that was the cause, but it’s good to know you are aware of his importance and you are intending to incorporate a couple of his songs in the future.

        Hope to be able to see the band some time.

        Thanks for the answer!

        • Hi Helmut. Thanks for your interest in the band. Trust me, we are all huge Jeff Lynne fans, and would love to incorporate some of his songs in our set. One of the obstacles to that is that the arrangements are really challenging to reproduce live – all those incredible strings and backing vocals. Our keyboard player could end up tearing out what little hair he has left if we asked him to do ‘Mr Blue Sky’! But as our set grows, you can bet we’ll be doing some of his material. I agree with you that Jeff Lynne tends to get unfairly overlooked these days. But the BBC did a nice documentary about him recently, and he did a great live perfomance last week for ‘Children In Need’. It’s on You Tube – check it out.

          Don’t know where you live, but we hope to be doing some shows in Europe next year. Watch this space for details. Thanks again.

  2. Really amazing reproduction of one of the best albums in pop history in my opinion
    I really enjoyed your You Tube clip of “Handle me with Care”
    Are you going to record any of this material and would you consider perhaps writing a few original songs for inclusion or perhaps Jeff Lynne could write you one !
    Anyway all the best for the future of the group, sadly as I live here in Aus tralia I doubt I’ll ever get to see you live
    kind regards
    Stewart KD

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, Stewart. We do plan to make some more recordings in the future and we also have ideas for some original tracks. Having Jeff Lynne write or produce for us would be amazing but quite unlikely. Still, nice thought. Once again, thank you.

  3. Hello! Me and my friend Rosie are really excited about your upcoming Ruislip gig in April. Is there any chance you could play our favourite song of all time TWEETER AND THE MONKEY MAN?

  4. good gig at the roadhouse on Friday, and thanks for playing Tweeter and the Monkey Man. looking forward to return .

    • Thanks, Kevin. It was a pleasure to play for such a warm friendly crowd. Yeah, ‘Tweeter’ is quite a piece of work, isn’t it? Hope we did it justice.

  5. Helloooooooo! I saw you play a gig at The Roadhouse in Birmingham in July this year and my friends and I were wondering when you’ll be coming back up to our neck of the woods again! We miss you!

    • Thanks, Nicola. We miss you too. It’s always great to play at the Roadhouse. At the moment, we don’t have a return date booked, but we’re in the process of sorting out gigs for next year so watch this space for a date. We’re really pleased that you enjoyed the band – it’s what we do it for.

  6. Hey you guys are wonderful. Great to have a Wilburys tribute act. I’m surprised that you don’t do any solo Tom though, either. Surely, you should do Freefall, Into the Great Wide Open, etc as they are almost Wilbury extras. Please try to get to play a gig in Bristol – maybe the Thunderbolt or the Fleece might be good venues to try. Happy Crimble, from Nelson

    • Hey, Nelson. Great name. I have a half-brother with the exact same name. We do currently have “I Won’t Back Down” in our set and are looking at which Tom Petty number to add in next. And we’re always looking for more venues! Merry Christmas.

  7. Hi
    I was delighted when I saw your details on a leaflet at a festival as I really like the original band. Hope you do a gig in my part of the world soon. We have a terrific theatre in my area, Waterside, Aylesbury, which regularly features tribute bands.

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