The Trembling Wilburys

The World’s Greatest Tribute to the Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys never played live as sadly the great “Big O” (Roy Orbison) passed away shortly after the release of their debut album “Volume 1” in late 1988.

Luckily, the Trembling Wilburys can bring you their version of the “show that never was” with an incredibly uplifting 90-minutes plus of fantastic music. In addition, the band features two of the most acclaimed sound-alikes of any tribute act with John Brosnan (of the “Let It Be” stage show) performing as George Harrison, while Dave Collison perfectly captures Roy Orbison’s unique vocal range and look. 


Michael Goulding as George Harrison
Dave Collison as Roy Orbison
Andy McNish as Bob Dylan & Tom Petty
Marko Laver as Jeff Lynne
Dzal Martin – lead guitar
Steve Salvari – keyboards
Dave Stark – drums

Contact: Dave Stark
Mobile: 07956 270592

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7 thoughts on “The Trembling Wilburys

  1. Saw them at a charity function at the regent Marriott hotel , fantastic night , can’t wait to see them again they made the evening .

  2. Very disappointed at seeing you at Pizza Express tonight. Not a single Tom Petty song but half a dozen Roy Orbison songs? More like a Big O tribute night.

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